fork%2520in%2520the%2520roadHave you ever felt hopeless or overwhelmed by the events around you? At times it is hard to believe but what is happening out there doesn’t matter as much as what you are telling yourself.

No matter what has happened in life what really matters is the story you tell yourself. A recently got an email from that highlighted that beautiful and the person agreed to allow me to share it with you.

“There have been a pair of magpies hanging out near my house for nearly two years. Beautiful black and white birds with such lovely long tail feathers.


Today I looked out and could only see one magpie digging for worms in the grass. It looked so lonely and I felt so sad, the other magpie was nowhere to be seen. I immediately assumed one of the many local cats had caught it.


I pictured the cat lying in wait and stalking the magpies, then pouncing and killing one of the poor birds whilst the other escaped. Watching the single magpie looking so lost and recalling the many times I had seen the two of them scavenging together made me cry.


Then all of a sudden in a flurry of feathers the other magpie flew down completely out of nowhere and landed next to its partner and the two of them proceeded to dig worms in the grass. I felt a wave of sheer joy and continued to cry, different tears though.


My goodness Susan it’s exactly how you describe, the stories we tell ourselves mold our experience of the world.


All my story did is project my sadness and loneliness onto the world, it had no basis in reality whatsoever. Thank goodness.


Thank you so much for sharing so much, you are like a beacon of light and wisdom. I’m not exactly sure where I would be without you.”

Some food for thought, especially given the recent events in the world. Give yourself the gift of joyful stories. And as always I love seeing your comments.

Telling myself stories about love and aloha,