mark-basarab-723757-unsplashWhatever we focus our attention on we get more of, so what do you want more of?

How often do you judge others or feel judged?

My mom and I had a tumultuous relationship. We often had screaming matches and I remember the look in her eyes when she asked my WHY I always had to argue with her. I argued because I always felt judged.

Now, years after her death I can see she was just trying to help me avoid some of the mistakes she had made. But, at the time I felt like I just couldn’t do anything right.

Feeling loved or unlovable

What is the difference between those two feeling? I felt judge by my mother yet she was trying to be loving. So whose choice was it to feel unloved? Me.

I saw her comments through what I have come to call my filter system, my beliefs, agreements, assumptions and attitudes. My mother saw me through her filter system as well, judging me in an attempt to make me the perfect little girl.

We never really saw each other for who we really were, beautiful beings of love and light and laughter.

Only the Love is Real

Years ago I wrote a blog post about feeling unlovable. Of all my posts that one has the most comments. I always answer all of the comments and at times people’s pain is palpable. When I respond with suggestions about how they can feel loved their response is often but “you don’t understand, I never felt loved.”

It is never too late to feel loved simply by loving yourself. Loving yourself, really feeling loved is a choice.

My favorite saying is, “Only the Love is Real.” What does that mean? I’m not talking about fear based conditional love. I’m talking about love that is the essence of the energy of creation. That pure expansive energy of god, goddess, all there is that I choose to call love.

So, what if you consciously chose to see the world through the eyes of love? That pure energy of unconditional love. How different would the world be seen from that perspective? I’m sure you would feel a whole lot better, more peace, more joy and a lot more loved.

So, what if just for today you chose to see only love? Speak only loving words and loving opinions? I imagine your experience of life would transform and your life would just get a whole lot better.

Why not try it, just for today?

Love, only love yourself and others. I’d love to see what happens in the comment section below. Go ahead, start the discussion!!

With love and aloha,


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