I have a desk calendar called We’Moon that is has little sayings and spiritual stories. Each morning I take a moment to focus on the coming day and write down my intent for that day. It is usually something simple like ‘enjoy the day’ or ‘love – just love.’ I find it a great way to start my day. The other morning there was a poem that triggered some thoughts.

I’ve said this before, but this time I had a different image of what it meant. What if we viewed everything in life as an invitation from the universe? What if we saw everything as a personal invitation from the universe to remember our divinity? What if we viewed everything as an invitation to remember our perfection and to acknowledge to the world and ourselves that we are the creative force in our life? And of course we can accept the invitation or ignore it and immerse ourselves more fully in our illusion about life.

When I got a very clear image of how this might look in my life I laughed. How perfect! I could see my life as a series of invitations. First, the events in my life would gently ask me, “Are you done with that limiting belief yet?” The invitation might show up in the form of some minor event that reflected the result of holding onto that belief. My response is always based on my choices. At first my response would be, “Belief, what belief that’s just the way life is.” Then fast forward a few days, weeks or years and once again my belief rears its head in my life and the invitation is again sent. Once I become willing to see how my belief or assumption or agreements limits my experience of reality – poof my life changes to reflect my new and hopefully more expansive belief. Of course life can also reflect my new narrower and more limited vision of life too.

I really liked to idea that ‘god’ was sending me ongoing invitations to experience happiness, freedom and joy or if I wanted to hold onto my beliefs I could gift myself with any kind of limitation I wanted to experience. The sky was the limit either way.

So, if I choose to see life that way then each day the question becomes, “What do I want to do with my day? Do I want to argue for my limitations or see events in my life as an opportunity to set myself free?” Viewed that perspective everything in life becomes an incredible gift and an opportunity for me to create whatever I want whenever I want it. It is anyway, its just if I see it that way I can give up struggle, suffering and feeling like a victim. I can embrace what is and fully savor it. What a freeing thought! And I am also free to old onto my beliefs and experience the results they produce in my life as well.

So what are you going to do with life’s invitations today?

With love, aloha and a big smile,

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