Have you ever longed to feel more connected to the divine? To be able to access the insights, love and guidance of your godself? With a little practice it is as simple as writing a letter.

For years I seldom used the word God because it tends to be emotionally charged. Wars have been fought over people’s definitions of and about God.  Sunday I heard a woman tell a sweet story that gave me a new name for God.

Forest Gump died and when he arrived as the pearly gates St. Peter said, “Heaven has gotten so crowded that there is an entrance exam. Answer these questions correctly and you’re in”

Forest looked a bit perplexed but in his best southern accent said, “Okay.”

St. Peter said the first question is, “What two days star with a ‘T’ ?

Forest thought for a while and finally said, “Today and tomorrow.”

St. Peter smiled and said, not exactly what I was looking for but I’ll give it to you. “The next question is, “how many seconds are there in a year?”

Forest thought for a while and finally said, “Twelve.”

“How do you figure that?”

“Well their is January 2, February 2, March.”

St. Peter held his hand up smiled and said I’ll give you that one too. The last question is what is God’s name?

Forest said, “That’s easy Andy.”

St. Peter is perplexed so he asks Forest to explain. Forest smiles and says,” Andy he walks with me, Andy he talks with me, Andy he tells me I am his own.”

With that St. Peter threw open the pearly gates and said, “Run Forest, run,”

Corny but cute. So now I have a new name for God, Andy. (My dad and I used to watch the Andy Griffith Show every week together, a warm fuzzy memory)

Writing letters to the divine

When I want to get some clarity I write letters to God and then let God write back. So yesterday I wrote a letter to Andy. 

I find it a very powerful tool. Writing the letter to Andy made it a bit more fun, easier and for me more personal and insightful.

It’s a very simple and extremely useful tool. I have a notebook for my letters to God, goddess, all there is but you could use a scrap of paper and that would be fine.

I like to look back over time and reread the letters. I often get insights I missed the first time. I used to get fancy pens and beautiful journals. If I’m honest I used finding the perfect pen and journal to put off writing. These days I use a wide rule composition book. 

You actually use a different part of your brain when you physically write so I suggest physically writing rather than using a computer or another electronic device.

It is the intent that really matters. Your intent is to connect with your own divine inner guidance. (Your divine feminine can give you insight and guidance while your divine masculine can help you take action.)

Start a dialog. For years writing to the divine and being open to allowing ‘Andy’ to write back was a powerful part of my daily routine. 

As always I love to read about your experiences and answer your questions so just hit reply or write in the comment section in the blog post.

Let’s make 2020 awesome and full of  love and all your wishes manifesting easily and effortlessly.

With lots of love and insights from Andy,