Life is and then we tell ourselves a story. Our stories create our experience of reality. Are stories are so familiar to us and so real that we forget they are stories based on our filter system. At any given moment we have an infinite number of choices yet our stories limit us to what is familiar. We are blind to the infinite possibilities that exist in every moment. All we are able to see, based on our filter system, are the same old options.

We are limitless yet we seldom experience our limitless nature. We are way too busy arguing for our limitations to experience the infinite possibilities life contains.

What you say! That sounds rather harsh. Me, argue for my limitations. No way. Of course I want to experience myself as a limitless being. I want to be happy. I want to have more money. I want to have peace of mind. Well, if you are really honest with yourself you’ll have to admit that if you aren’t happy it because you tell yourself stories that don’t create happiness.

Life is, then you tell yourself a story and then you have an experience. Your experience has very little to do with life and everything to do with your story. There is no need to change life, all you really need to change is your story. Unfortunately we are so attached to our stories that we have forgotten they are stories and have begun to believe they are facts, pieces of information that are based on the truth. There is no such thing as the truth, the truth is always relative, and not relative to the truth but relative to our perspective – to our story.

If you want to be happy tell yourself happy stories. If you want to be rich worrying about money won’t get you there. If you want intimacy open your heart and love. Chances are, if you want a sense of intimacy you don’t already have, the reason you don’t have it is – drum roll please – based on your story. Bottom line – what is in your life is there because you want it and what isn’t in your life isn’t there because you don’t want it.

Awareness is one of the keys to personal freedom – to our ability to experience ourselves as limitless beings. Becoming aware of our stories is the first step toward changing our experience of life.

But what about fighting for a cause? What about what we know is morally right? Well what is right is based on our story and as far as causes, aren’t we more likely to affect change when we are connected to our spirit than when we are reacting to our story? Going back to choices – when I tell myself a story and believe it, I limited my capacity to see any of the other possibilities. When I drop my story, accept what is, I can allow myself to see the issue from many different perspectives and my options expand. Then I can ask myself the questions what do I want to create right now and make choices based on that desire.

Just some thoughts. What stories is your mind telling you right now about the idea of changing your stories? Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy and free? The choice is yours, moment by moment and you can see your choice by looking at your life.

As an exercise set your intent to see your stories and allow yourself to love them for what they are, great stories! Then decide if that is what you want to continue to create.

Loving all of life, because I tell myself great stories,