I recently received an e mail asking me if there was any proof the Toltec tradition was real or was it all just a big Mitote. The word mitote is used to refer to the endless chatter of the mind, the pilikia or trauma and drama we create with our thoughts.

I responded by saying all of life is really a mitote, a performance of our own making. Depending on our beliefs we can create a drama, a comedy, a romance or whatever else we want. For the past few weeks we have been discussing the concept that anything is possible if we are willing to pay the price. People had a variety of responses to the idea of paying a price.

Our life is a very accurate reflection of our beliefs, agreements and assumptions about life. If we insist on holding onto a belief, the price we pay is getting the same results in our life. If we want to create something else, the price is changing a belief. I have no idea if the Toltec tradition is real or if god exists or angels hover around me waiting for me to ask for their help. And none of that really matters, what makes a difference in my life is to find a way of thinking and feeling that allows me to create what I want when I want it.

Angels may or may not exist and if I believe calling on Raphael will make traveling easy and effortless my travel will be easy and effortless. If I believe the three masteries of awareness, transformation and intent will change my life and the lives of others, they will.

If you believe you are a victim you will experience victimization and if you change your beliefs your life will also change.

Just as water seeks its own level our lives consistently and accurately reflect our beliefs. So what is life? I believe life is an opportunity for me to deepen my connection with the essence of who and what I am, my spirit and then enjoy this glorious planet called earth. At times in my life I believed life was hard so it was. At other times I believed in no pain no gain so I experienced a lot of pain.

What is life to you? Perhaps spend sometime writing about what life means to you and then ask yourself if you are willing to let go of some of your old, limiting beliefs.

With love and aloha,