I woke up this morning thinking about ‘what is love?’ An usual question to be waking up to. So I pose that question to you what does love mean to you? 

I’m sure each one of us has a unique definition of what constitutes love. When I used to work with couples my first suggestion was to have each person write a list of how they felt loved and then exchange it. For some it’s cards and flowers for others it’s keeping the bathroom clean. Watch that toothpaste cover!  

There is also fear based love and love based love

Fear based love isn’t really love at all. It is all about I’ll love you as long as you do this but if you don’t I’ll make your life miserable or try to brow beat you into submission.

Loved based love is something we rarely experience but can certainly strive for. Love based love is unconditional love with no strings attached.

So what is your experience of love?
How does love feel in your body?
How do you show love to yourself and others?

I’d love to read your answer to those questions in the comment section below! I’m still a comment junky!

With lots of love, smiles and aloha,
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