DSCF1888You never really experience reality


What you really experience is your mind’s version of reality, you experience your filter system.

You see reality through your past. Minds are amazing bio-computers. In a nanosecond they have whipped through your past for a similar experience, sorted though your beliefs, agreements, assumptions and attitudes and they make an assumption about what is.

You see your mind’s version of reality filtered through your past. You never experience this moment directly.

The words you are reading have meaning based on your filter system. No two people reading these words will experience the same thing.

Having a filter system isn’t a bad thing

Once you become aware of your filter system you can modify it so it actually helps you create more of what you do want. Have you ever had a friend who struggles with relationships? Time after time she gets into a relationship with the same person just a different body. You can see it but she can’t – or perhaps that is you.

The one thing that changed my life more than anything else was love. Not the fear based, I’ll love you as long as you do this but the expansive, judgment free love based love.

The ability to experience love based love takes practice and dedication and it all starts with a choice. That choice is to love yourself unconditionally, to observe judgments and limitations lovingly. The choice to clean the window through which you see life.

Actually seeing your filter system takes practice

What are your beliefs about life? Is it hard or a fun journey? Does love and money just flow to you? You really can begin to see your filter system and change the parts that no longer serve you.

Where does freedom, love, joy and your limitless nature live?

Take a few minutes, sit quietly and ask yourself that question. See what the answer is and connect with that part of yourself often.

Why not sign up for a complementary Loving Life Session with me. I’ll help you find that sweet spot.

With love and aloha,