I was talking to my agent the other day about my latest book (more to be revealed about that soon). She asked me what drove people to finally say enough and seek a solution. What would make people want to buy a book about living from joy?

I had a variety of reason: emotional pain, not feeling loved, loss of a loved one or a job or a dream or ….

And then I had a thought. Ask. So I am asking you today.

I’d love to hear your answer because then I could write more clearly about the solutions. I might even make a video, do a guided meditation or write a book all about the solution. Just for you!

So put on your thinking cap, dig deep and post away in the comment section.

Your feedback might just make for a more awesome 2014!!!

What was your enough?

What finally made you start seeking?

What was your pain index before you finally said enough?

Were you moving away from pain or toward a dream or a vision?

What was the pain caused by?

I really really want to know.

With love and excitement about reading your responses,

And I say thanks in advance!!