These are the words the Fairy Godmother whispered to me:

Love, really expansive love based love is all that matters.

Yes, love based love. There is too much fear based love in the world. You know the kind of love that is conditional. The kind of love that has strings attached to it. Now that isn’t love at all.

A lot of people believe they need to save the world, or change themselves or find love from another. The irony is that until you really love yourself even if prince or princess charming shows up in your life you’ll never notice.

You can’t find something in the world if you don’t already have it within yourself.The greatest wealth you can ever have is a profound sense of love and self acceptance, from that all else will follow.
What is money? It is a reflection of your self worth, the more you value yourself the more money will flow effortlessly into your life.

Take a deep breath and surrender into the arms of love. Feel them wrap around you gently and hold you dearly. Listen as love whispers to you and reminds you just how wonderful you are.

Feel loved and allow the love to set you free. Fly on the wings of love and remember what a gift that love is. Love surrounds you, enfolds you and protects you.
Until next time – remember I love you and am always just a thought away.

​​​​​​​With that and a bright flash of light she was gone. Promising to share more of her love and wisdom another day.

With love and aloha and glad the fairy godmother is connecting,