By Jennifer Pastiloff

simple-reminder-zen-all-need-love-654x654 Dear Positively Positive Peeps,

Happy New Year to you all! Can you believe it is 2015? I swear it was just 1993.

I am getting ready to head to Vancouver for my workshop on the 17th followed by London in Feb. Can you say Brrrrrr? I’m excited though! I am making sh*t happen (aka “manifesting”) my arse off!

I have this section on my website called Dear Life, where I have authors answer letters that have been sent in by people seeking advice. I was getting so many and couldn’t possibly answer them all, so I thought I would send to my author friends to help. It has been such a success. I share some of the amazing ones here that I know you would not want to miss. Below is by my beloved friend Megan Stielstra.

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