What are you going to create this year? What is your intent? This time of year I like to look back, review last years intent and observe, gently and lovingly my results.

Many people in my life changed address (died) last year and my life is very different. It is amazing how death can give you such a profound sense of gratitude for life. I was able to hold my dads hand as he took his last breath.

I have been practicing using my breath a lot lately. Breathing in love and breathing out anything unlike love. Each breath is a gift of life from our spirit and I find acknowledging that and allowing myself to feel that at a profound level changes my experience of life as well as the way I ‘see’ life.

A connection with our spirit can only occur when we quiet our mind and step into the stillness of our spirit. The ability to that while immersed in the busyness of life is one of the greatest skills we can acquire.

So what is your intent for this year and what actions are you going to take on a daily basis to make it so?

With love and aloha,