For me it is early Monday morning and the whole weeks lies before me like a new journal without a single word on any of its pages. When I think about the week with that realization I know I can write anything I want on the pages of the days to come.

So as I sit here I imagine it is Sunday and I am looking back over the week. What do I want to see there? How do I want to feel about this little block of linear time called last week?

Do I want to look back and smile because I was able to bring joy into someone’s life? Do I want to have a profound sense of gratitude because I spent most of the week profoundly connected to my spirit, fed by the sweet nectar of that love? Do I want to feel a sense of accomplishment because I finished all the tasks I wanted to get finished? Do I want to have savored every moment of the precious gift of life?

Once I know how I want to feel next Sunday I simply need to make choices moment by moment to make that so.  Each day I set my intent and get clear about what I DO want to create. Each night I review my day.  I gently and lovingly notice if I need to adjust some of my choices, release any emotional baggage or make amends to someone for being less than loving.

The more consciously I make my choice the more magnificent my days become.

So what are you planning to create this week?

With love and aloha,