earth in grassWhen I teach I talk a great deal about dominion. Dominion is a way of looking at life that really facilitates deepening your connection with your spirit. Symbolically I envision dominion as a sphere with each position representing a different spot with a slightly different perspective.

When I view life that way it is much easier for me to have love, understanding and acceptance of everyone and accept their choices, no matter what they are. Judgment falls away as does a sense of separation and most of all suffering.

Most of us have learned to see life from the perspective of domination: right or wrong, good or evil, better than or less than. Symbolically domination is represented as a line. This perspective is what causes a great deal of the pain, suffering and misery in life.

This morning I watched the sunrise from the beach here in Hawaii. The air is balmy and the water was deliciously warm as it swirled around my feet and I felt so loved and grateful. As I stood there I thought about this sphere called earth and the idea of dominion.

As I sit on the lanai looking at the ocean feeling very peaceful and loved, there are people half way around the world violently dying because of car bombs and nerve gas. I certainly prefer my perspective, but if I judge war as bad and wrong I am no longer at peace. The atmosphere of earth equally embraces us all. As I deepen my connection with my spirit it becomes easier for me to embrace everyone’s choice.

The concept that there are no victims on this planet only volunteers is challenging at times. It is also very empowering. I made a series of choices that allowed me to be sitting here this morning writing this.

If I hadn’t been willing to change my perspective years ago I wouldn’t be here. Every moment of every day I have the opportunity to deepen my connection with my spirit or my filter system (my beliefs, agreements, attitudes and assumptions). Whenever I judge anyone or anything I am arguing for my limited perspective.

Today I can choose love more often than fear. What a gift that is. I can watch the news and send love to all the participants instead of judging the violence.

I was thinking about the planet and global warming and pollution. With each thought I can pollute the world with my judgment and fears or resonate love and acceptance. I have found staying in a place of love challenging at times, but the more I practice it the better it feels.

Love is healing and expansive. Fear causes pain, suffering and choices that deepen our sense of separation.  We really are all one, we are all part of the magnificent energy that creates universe. You are love.

Sending out bunches of aloha blessings and love,

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