I’ve lived on the Big Island of Hawaii along side Pele (the goddess of the volcano) for over 15 years. Her latest eruption is quite amazing and sad for all the people who have list homes and had to leave their animals behind.

Today I am getting two outside cats from a friend who needed to re-home them. Say a little prayer they stay here and don’t try to find their old home.

Sending you all aloha,

Aloha is an amazing word. Tourists are often told it means hello and goodbye which it does but it is so much more. Aloha is a way of life and according to the Hawaiian Dictionary by Mary Kawena Pukui & Samuel H. Elbert it also means: love, affection, compassion, mercy, sympathy, pity, kindness, sentiment, grace, charity; greeting, salutation, regards; sweetheart, lover, loved one; beloved, loving, kind, compassionate, charitable, lovable; to love, be fond of; to show kindness, mercy, pity, charity, affection; to venerate; to remember with affection; to greet, hail. Greetings! Hello! Good-by! Farewell! Alas!

Aloha truly is a way of life..