The other day my mind wouldn’t quiet down. Relaxing enough to meditate just wasn’t going to happen so I decided I would journal instead.

Instead of my normal journaling I found myself writing my prayers. I’ve never done that before and I found it very relaxing.

It was amazing how fast my mind got quiet. I relaxed and once again felt connected to my spirit. My cat, Señorita helped as well. She sat purring loudly watching as I wrote.

Love or Fear

Over the years I’ve observed that my mind tends to get busy when there is fear lurking somewhere As soon as I connect with the Source, my spirit, Goddess love whatever you call that expansive, limitless energy of creation the fear dissolves.

I can connect through meditation or prayer and once I do my mind gets quiet.

When I began writing my prayers almost immediately I felt more peaceful and at ease. I’d never written my prayers before but now it has become a regualr part of my morning journaling.

Writing my prayers has taken my morning routine to a new level. I look forward to it and when I start writing I find myself breathing more deeply and that knot in my stomach dissolves.

Quieting your mind

Quieting my mind, connecting to my spirit is a short cut to feeling loved. When I’m immersed in a feeling of love my actions change. My wife Bea just had surgery on her ankle and foot so I am taking care of everything.

I used to find taking care of the chickens (all 80+ of them) stressful. This morning after writing I actually enjoyed caring for them. Yesterday one of the chickens died. I lovingly buried her and planted a flower on her grave.

I’m doing all the cooking and cleaning as well as writing my blog post and putting the finishing touches on a podcast. I have helped Bea up off the floor (yes she fel)l several times and I’m happy and doing it all lovingly.

The first day I cared for Bea I was grumpy and stressed and then I wrote my prayers and everything changed because I am connected to my spirit, to that love.

My prayers that day were very simple:


May I feel peace. I surrender to the loving expansive nature of the universe. May all my thoughts be kind. May I speak only love and be open to your loving presence.

Perhaps take time today to write your prayers. Maybe even share them in the comment section – as my mom would say in her thick New Your accent, “It can’t hurt and it could help.”

With love, peace and joy,