Have you ever wondered where love goes when a relationship ends badly?

When we have engaged in fear based love the ending often morphs into judgment, gossip or when the ‘hurt’ is extreme, love turns to hatred.

Anything other than love, pure unconditional, expansive, all encompassing love is fear based. Many time our relationships are fear based, our love is conditional. I’ll love you as long as you do this but if you do this I will cease to love you.

Setting boundaries in our relationships is fine and necessary. It really is OK to ask for what you want.

We can decide certain behaviors aren’t acceptable but that doesn’t mean we have to shut off the love or turn it into judgment or anger if someone doesn’t comply.

Love only turns into anger when fear is involved. Love expands, fear contracts.

What does love based love look like?


Fear based love is full of judgment, control, right and wrong, it’s capricious, superficial, inconsistent, irrational, irresponsible, irrational, erratic and at is core unloving.

Which do you choose?

Embracing love based love and living takes practice. You can do it and you can begin with yourself. Thought by thought and action by action.

Fear based love isn’t bad it just isn’t long lasting and expansive love. Fill your life with real love and watch what happens. I can guarantee you will ‘love’ the results.

Love or fear, they affect all areas of life. When you embrace love based love magic and miracles become part of everyday life.

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With love and aloha,

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