When I was a little girl my mom would read me a book about lost umbrellas. There was a town where all the umbrellas went. It was a charming village, very colorful, with cobble stoned streets and beautiful houses. As I remember it was full of magic, miracles and love and the umbrellas were loved and cared for until they found a new home.

The other day I was rather busy and began wondering where the time goes and I was reminded of that story. I had an image of all those moments when I am not present, when I am thinking rather than being fully present in the moment, finding their way to a quaint village. I smiled at the thought of all those lost moments gathered together being cared for until they found a new home. I thought of visiting that village and gathering up all my lost moments so I could savor each and everyone of them. In that moment I allowed myself to be incredibly grateful for my ability to be in time and choose how I want to experience each moment.

Time is such a precious gift, one we often take for granted. The present moment is the only one we really have. Yesterday is a memory and tomorrow never gets here because by the time is does it is today.

I find the quality of my life is dependent on the question I ask myself. I find these questions most useful:

So what is it I want to create with this moment?

What do I want to focus my attention on?

Do I want to be right and affirm my filter system or do I want to be happy?

How else can I see this experience?

What do I want?

What do I really want?

If I want to be happy then I need to tell myself a happy story. If I want to be angry I can judge what is. Life is and then we tell ourselves a story. Our experience really is dependent on our story and not life.

I am in the process of writing a new book and I can feel rushed and overwhelmed or I can savor the experience. The book isn’t the issue – it is what I tell myself. What a gift knowing that is! I can change how I feel by changing my inner dialog and that sure is a lot easier than trying to get the world to change!

With love and aloha,

How can I see all of life through the eyes of love?