The Toltec tradition emphasizes the fact that the world is a vast energy system. When I was a student I loved working with shadows. I found learning how to hear the shadows in the sound an incredibly profound experience. I still remember the first time I was able to hear the spaces or shadows between the sounds. The awareness of an entirely different universe began for me that day and when our awareness shifts so does our experience.

Recently I have been playing with what I have begun to think of as the shadow of the witch. We all have an energy field that influences our world and the people around us. The more personal power we have the greater the influence we exert. We gain personal power by deepening our connection to our spirit and opening our awareness to the world of love instead of focusing on the world of fear.

I think of the shadow of my spirit as the shadow of the witch and the shadow of my filter system as the shadow of limitations and fear. So, depending in which shadow I stand in I get very different results in my life. Witches are magical and can perform incredible feats of healing and manifestations so I think of the shadow of my soul as the shadow of the witch.

I am currently in Lithuania and it is much cooler than Hawaii. When I stand in the sun it is quite warm but where the sun doesn’t shine, in the shadows it is a lot cooler. When I view life from a fear based place I get certain results. When I view the world through the eyes of love I have so many more choices.

Listen to your inner dialog. How do you view the world? Is it a fearful, limited place or is it a magical universe in which you get to create what you want when you want it? It is amazing what in a profound influence your choice makes and it is a choice. You can stand in the sunlight, in the shadow of your spirit and in the darkness, the shadow  of your filter system.

As a society we tend to choose the shadow of fear so we have a world filled with violence, disease, hunger and limitations. Yet there are spiritual evolved people who stand in the shadow of their spirit and live in a world filled with happiness, abundance, ease and free of limitations. Some live on mana or the prana alone not even having the need for water or food. Personally I enjoy eating so I choose to eat. I allow my spirit to manifest in my life as magical serendipity. Yesterday I was on a flight that was seriously overbooked.

Another man and I were called up to the counter. The man said we’ve probably been bumped. Instead I was upgraded to business class, he was given my old seat and I had a very comfortable eight hour trip. I also sat next to a woman who was part of a large spiritual organization so we had great talks and exchanged business cards.

Life is, then we tell ourselves a story which determines what energy field we are going to play with and be influenced by. Paying attention to our choices makes all the difference in which world, we can chooses consciously or unconsciously where we get to play.

Love or fear? The shadow of the Witch’ shadow or of fear. Which shadow will you choose?

With love and aloha,