The other day I received an email from a friend. We were talking about my dad and she said, ‘he’s not a very good reporter.’ I started thinking about the idea. In a sense, we are all reporters. The question is what kind of paper do we work for and who is getting the by line – our mind or are spirit.

In October I brought my dad to Hawaii to live with me. His wife had just died and he has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. My story is I tried to do everything possible to make him happy and then he ‘ran away’ from home. His story is I was keeping him prisoner and stealing all his money. He believes he escaped and I was very concerned about his ability to care for himself. I could judge him and allow my mind to create a story or I could realize that we saw things very differently. Now I am focusing on sending him lots of love and caring for myself.

When our mind gets into the act we attempt to create allies and try to have people see it our way. According to our mind there is a right way and a wrong way to see events. Our spirit realizes our view of life is based on our perspective and rather than being absolute it is relative.

The first time I visited Europe I was surprised to see how limited our newscasts were in the United States. Even when a reporter is trying to simply report the news he or she still sees it through their filter system.

For me, one of the many gifts of life is my ability to see my filter system in three-dimensional, living color. Life is and then I tell myself a story. I can live mindfully, be fully present in the moment and enjoy whatever I am experiencing or I can choose to react to the events and experience emotional trauma.

My dad’s sudden disappearance has given me the opportunity to revisit some old beliefs. I could listen to my mind and fail to see how my beliefs created my experience or I could embrace my spirit and milk the experience for everything it is worth. I could use it to see myself with greater clarity or play the blame game.

When something creates a strong emotional response in your life who gets the by line? Judgment is indicative of your mind while compassion and acceptance heralds the presence of your spirit.

With love,
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