By the time we are adults we tend to ‘play’ small. We have forgotten who and what we really are. We are no longer magical, mystical and limitless beings of love and light and laughter. We have become our mind’s version of reality. Most of us have forgotten that we are the spirit that gives life to our body.

Have you ever watched kids as they step into their imaginary worlds? They can play with action figures or tea sets and dolls for hours. That tea party or epic battle is real to them.

Children can get lost in their ‘imaginary’ worlds and spend hours talking to their imaginary friends that really aren’t imaginary at all. Do you remember getting lost for  hours in those childhood realities?

You would be amazed at just how powerful your thoughts are!

Think good and good follows
Think evil and evil follows
You are what you think all day long.

Joseph Murphy

What if you chose to focus on really believing in yourself?

Are you willing to see yourself as THE gift in your own life?

What if you consciously practiced thinking loving, uplifting thoughts about yourself?

Your happiness, success, joy and feeling loved, really loved beyond words are all just a thought away.

Are you willing to think that thought now?

Thoughts become things. You could certainly drive yourself crazy constantly monitoring your thoughts or instead you could just consciously daydream.

Give yourself permission to immerse yourself in imaginary worlds where you are the hero in your life.


  • Having a tea party with everyone you admire in life and listening to them tell you just how awesome you are!
  • Sitting at the peace table and bringing the whole world together in love
  • Walking into the home of your dreams
  • Waking up excited about your day everyday
  • Being an awesome action figure creating the life of your dreams

Let your imagination go, be free, be limitless and then nurture that connection to the truth of who and what you are – a limitless being, full of love, free to create whatever you want whenever you want it. Let the truth of who you are set yourself free.

With a big smile,