Humans are basically pack animals, we follow the leader or we are the leader, we gather in groups and feel safest when we know we are part of a tribe. That fear of being alone often drives many of our choices.

I remember watching an episode of the original Twilight Zone. This man wanted to be left alone so he could just sit and read books. There was a nuclear holocaust and he survived. He wandered the streets finding food and then he found a library. He went and gathered all his favorite books as he sat down to start reading he dropped his glasses and they shattered. He couldn’t see a thing without them. Rod Serling commented about the irony of this man’s situation in his dead pan voice.

Do you ever feel like you live in the Twilight Zone?

I am scheduled to go to Japan and teach classes in June so I have been following the news about the nuclear reactors very closely. It is an opportunity to practice. Back in the 70’s I wrote an article for an alternative newspaper about nuclear energy. It was far from loving and very judgmental.

How do you see through the eyes of love?

When I connect to my spirit seeing through the eyes of love is much easier. When I am connected to my spirit I know I am one with everyone and everything. I was teaching a class the other day and a woman wanted to know why people would make the choice to build nuclear reactors in such a seismically active location. A wonderful question to catch the attention of our filter system and keep us disconnected from our spirit.

Seeing through the eyes of love is facilitated by asking questions that deepen our connection to our spirit rather than questions that feed our filter system, questions that I call mind candy.

What is mind candy?

Connect with your spirit and you ARE NOT alone

The antithesis of mind candy is anything that deepens your connect to your spirit, anything that allows you to connect with your limitless nature and expands your awareness. When you connect with your spirit you know you are one with everyone and everything. The more you open up to that reality the more you feel loved, feel the love and know you are lovable.

Once again polish up your bookends, meditate, listen to guided meditations, look in the mirror and say I love you, pray and just remind yourself you are one. You are never alone, you can’t be you are a spiritual being that is infinite so you are one with the entire universe. Allow yourself to be loved.

With love and aloha,