If you listen to my podcasts at all you know I have been talking about some major changes in my life and the lives of my students as well.

About a year ago I met a man name bodhilia. He first came to me as a student, then we became friends and then he shared his simple wisdom with me. In short he taught me how to be an angel while I was still in human form. We all become angels when we die anyway but when you learn to live from that place while still in this body magic and miracles become a way of life.

You all know me. I never say I can do something if I can’t do it. Four¬† short week and embracing some simple truths can totally transform your life.

I recently had to buy an extra program to get my mail server to work and they used the terminology that it was like my mail server on steroids. This program is like The Four Agreements and every other self-help book you have ever read on steroids.

We are opening up the program this week. We can only take 10 clients and the first ten will get to work with both myself and bodhilia on the call.

Well things have changed since I wrote this post last night.

The response to this offer has been so immense we realized it would take us a millennium to schedule all the private sessions.

We also know from experience that this wisdom works in groups as well so we will offer the wisdom in a group setting.  You will get all the benefits of one on one as well as the added benefit of the group energy. We will answer your questions personally and Susan will be totally available to you.

We will limit the size of the groups to ten people so sign up NOW!

I am excited, for myself and for all of you as well. So if you are curious about what has been going on head on over and you can read all about it.

With love and aloha,