magic wandWhat do you believe you deserve?

At the core of your being there is a script and that script dictates what you think you deserve, what you expect in all areas of your life.

That script, your beliefs about your deserving nature will control how much love, happiness, joy, money or drama enters your life.

Take a deep breath and ask yourself these questions. Write down the first thought that you have. (Seriously, take a moment to write down those first thoughts)

  • Love – are you lovable, do you deserve love? Do you deserve to be treated with respect?
  • Your home – do you deserve to live in a beautiful, comfortable home?
  • Community – do you deserve to be surrounded by loving supportive people?
  • Enjoyment – do you deserve to enjoy all areas of your life?
  • Money – how much money do you deserve to have or not have? Does it flow easily in your life?
  • Ease – is life meant to be easy and effortless?
  • Health – do you deserve to be healthy and enjoy your body?

You deserving nature – that script, that collection of beliefs act like a filter only allowing in what you believe you deserve.

Changing the script

Deciding what you deserve, once your aware of the beliefs going on in the background is relatively easy.

Take a moment to write down what you want ‘to deserve.’ Then make, “I deserve ___________” your mantra.

Every time you think about love for example, “I deserve to be treated with a great deal of dignity and respect.”

Perhaps about money, “Money is my friend, it flows into my life easily and effortlessly and I always use it wisely.”

Really allow yourself to feel the statements you make. Change your deserving nature into one that is supportive of the life you truly want to live.

As always I love seeing your questions, thoughts and feelings in the comment section.

With love and aloha,