I struggled for a long time looking for my life’s purpose. I knew if I was in alignment with that purpose I’d be happy and life would be easy and effortless. That was a useful story and it allowed me to stay distracted for a number of years.

Eventually I realized life is an opportunity to either deepen my connection with my filter system or with my spirit. Looking for my life’s purpose was a way of deepening my connection with my filter system. My spirit is limitless and I get to make up my own life’s purpose, there is nobody else out there telling me what to do.

Life is such an emotionally rich experience or at least it can be and I can savor every moment or kick and scream. Life is emotionally neutral until I tell myself a story. All of my emotions are created by what I tell myself.

Life is like a wonderful amusement park and we can choose what kind of rides we go on and how long we want to stay. Today my life’s purpose is to love as completely and fully and unconditionally everything that I can. I can love all of life and the variety of behaviors and events that manifest in my reality. All of the dramas in life are fluff and I can use them to distract me from the love or not.

What will you choose as your life’s purpose? Do you want to be happy or miserable? Feel loved and deeply connected or alone, judged and unloved?

Moment by moment, thought by thought we choose what we are going to connect with – love or fear – spirit or filter system. My suggestion is to focus on loving everything and everyone and see where that takes you. A simple look at the world and we can see where judgment and fear takes us.

Join me in choosing love – or not.

With aloha, love and joy,

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