buddha tokyoFinding the place you belong?

Harmony is a sense of balance, of peace and of knowing you are loved. At a profound level it is a sense of homecoming, knowing you belong or at least it can be.

I can remember longing for a sense of belonging. I had a nice home but it never felt like I belonged. That longing came from some place deep inside me.

Have you ever felt that way? Have you ever felt like you didn’t quite fit in or belong? Like everyone else knew the rules but you?

After years of searching I found that once I truly loved and accepted myself just the way I was the longing went away. I also realized I had always carried my home with me no matter where I went. That it lived in my heart all along. Only I could decide whether I belonged or not.

What a sense of freedom that was! Shortly after that everything seemed to fall in place. The things I had searched for were within my grasp. A place I loved to live, a job filled with passion and a profound sense of belonging were all mine just for the asking. The funny part was it was all an inside job.

Moving away from fear or toward love

I realized one of the keys was choosing to move toward love rather than away from fear. I realized that as long as I was moving away from fear or pain I would keep creating fear and pain to move away from. The moment I began moving toward love I started creating love to move toward. My heart opened and I was able to love things that in the past I might have judged.

What would happen to your life if you were free of judgment and fear? If love became the motivating factor in your life?

I’d love to read about your thoughts in the comment section.

On Friday I’ll share some of the exercises I did to make that shift (and I still do them 25 years later). Some of them you will have read about before and some you may not have.

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With love, lots of love,