The decision to love and accept yourself, really love yourself will have a profound affect on your life. That decision alone with transform your life in amazing ways. Love and acceptance are the keys to a life free of struggle and filled with amazing and wonderful experiences – magic and miracles even!

I finished this video last week then my old computer died and I could no longer access the program I used to translate my iPhone videos. Then my new computer died and then I found a neat app that translated my videos and made them accessible to my video editing program. I called tech support with the idea that it would be easy and effortless and they fixed my new computer easily – (my dog had loosened the monitor cable).

So this video comes to you with a great deal of love, some effort and a few choice words. I hope you enjoy it.


As always I love reading your comments and if you have a topic you would like me to explore let me know.

With love and aloha,