Copy of fork in the roadWhen I began my spiritual journey I felt so stuck. It seemed like no matter what I tried the results I got were the same. I kept creating the same pattern over and over again.

This (whatever the current book or process was) is the answer. I knew this would work this time. I would be all excited and hopeful, work really hard and before I knew it I would feel overwhelmed and hopeless all over again.

Eventually I decided there was something so inherently wrong with me that nothing would work. It was me. I was defective, unfixable and a hopeless case. At a core level I was unworthy and unlovable, after all that was what my mother kept telling me and the results I was getting affirmed that.

In hindsight I realized I kept trying to punish myself or polish myself into perfection. If only I was perfect then I would be happy and successful.

Now I know I had it all backwards. I kept trying to move away from pain so I kept creating more pain to move away from. Once I started moving toward happiness and joy instead I created more joy and happiness to move toward. Believe me it was a much more enjoyable journey.

You can move away from fear or toward love. Guess what? Whatever you choose to move away from you create more of so begin to move toward what you do want rather than away from what you don’t want.

So the question becomes very simple.

What do you want more of?

What DO you want? Focus on that and it will appear.

And remember:

Only the love is real.

You swim in a sea of love.

You are love, you are loved and you are lovable.

You are perfect just the way you are.

Any other affirmations you have found helpful? Please put them in the comment section below.

With love, joy and aloha,