By Skylar Liberty Rose

6965528466_6044426355_o-654x460 Self harm to the soul is the inner equivalent of slicing the skin. More of an internal bleed. Long sleeves aren’t needed to cover the marks. The indentations are buried deep inside.

How many of us harbour past hurts? Childhood griefs that we have played over and over in our hearts.

Each time a painful memory is replayed it gathers strength and power. After we’ve revisited a past pain thousands of times does it it even resemble that initial hurt anymore? Or are we just creating a new memory, a more caustic one?

I used to make myself remember past pain. I’d sometimes take myself back to the core of it, needing to reinforce its hurt, to justify its existence. Because then I could validate any destructive emotions that had travelled with me. I had a reason for them. I had been hurt. I could claim the crown.

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