IMG_1288[1]This time I am staying by a lake. It seems to be called Green  Lake which is interesting because  in Hawaii we have a Green Lake that is a very sacred place.

It is fall here and the clouds are moving very rapidly in the sky. It is quiet and when I got here a group of former students were waiting to greet me. It was nice to see familiar faces. After sleeping and sleeping and sleeping I feel almost normal.

Love comes in so many forms. As I traveled half way around the world for a time asking for a wheel chair was the most loving thing I could do. I got a new hip 2 months ago and after three airports I got tired of walking so I asked for help.

It was interesting. I found it hard to simply ask for help. I had long discussions within myself and then of course there was the language barrier. When I finally decided to ask I found someone who spoke English and the rest was easy.

Making sure we have enough ‘me time’, rest, and healthy foods are all ways we take care of ourselves or don’t. Do you have a hard time asking for help and taking care of yourself?

There is a small mirror over the sink in my room and I have used to say  I love you and give myself assurances that I will make sure I am cared for. There is a huge mirror as I walk up the stairs to my room, another opportunity to say, “Hey good looking!”, pause and smile at myself.

Next time you walk past a mirror pause and say something kind and loving to yourself. You’ll be amazed what a difference it will make in your life.

I’d love to hear about how you do or don’t take care of yourself and of course about your adventures with mirrors. I find mirrors to be a powerful tool and notice that most people resist using them positively. So let me hear from you – are mirrors your friend yet?

With love and aloha from Latvia,