One of the meanings of the word passage is the right, permission, or power to come and go freely. In our life our filter system can deny us that permission without our conscious awareness of that denial. Until we retrain our mind can’t begin to be aware of all the limitless possibilities life holds.

Our filter system is composed of our beliefs, agreements and assumptions. Once we make an assumption our course of action is dictated by that assumption. If we believe something to be true we won’t even entertain other possibilities. We tend to keep our agreements even when we aren’t consciously aware of them. Life is only limited by our filter system. We don’t see life at all what we really see is our own filter system.

There is a very simple exercise that can increase your possibilities and grant you free passage into the limitless nature of reality. This exercise is from my book Mastering the Toltec Way:

Changing your Habits and Routines

We tend to be creatures of habit, even if our habit is to not have habits. Experiment with breaking your habits and routines.

Go to work a new way
If you’re usually on time be late, if you’re late be early
If you’re a vegetarian eat meat – if you’re a meat eater don’t
Change the way you dress
Put your clothes on inside out
Don’t comb your hair
If you meditate every day don’t, if you don’t do

Decide to change your habits and routines for a week and see how long you remember to change them.

The Toltec tradition is really a method of retraining your mind so you can create your reality from your spirit instead of your mind. Which is in charge of your life right now – your mind or your spirit?

With love,

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