Outside my back door I have a fish pond. I really enjoy watching them. I started out with 7 fish and as you can see they have multiplied, a  lot. I feed the fish every morning.

I watch them swimming  round and round, splashing and swimming over one another, jumping out of the water, eventually coming over to eat.

The other day I noticed the fish will ignore me when I walk by, unless I’m going to feed them. How do they know the difference?

I experimented and found I can walk over to them, with food in my hands but without the mental picture that I am going to feed them and there is no reaction. Some how they know the difference.

I’ve long believed that our thoughts have power and my experiment with my fish confirmed that they certainly have an effect on reality.

What have your thoughts been creating?

Whatever you focus your attention on you get more of.  Do you focus your attention more on what you do want or do your fears attract your attention?

At one point I realized that I feared my fears and in doing so I fed them more energy. I was VERY good at manifesting my fears. Then I realized I needed a concrete way of defusing my fears.

Defusing Your Fears

I tried lots of different ways of letting go of my fears with very little effect but then . . . 

Then I started doing this simple exercise with my fears, it is counterintuitive but it works!!!  

Allow yourself to relax.  Then focus on your fear. Make your fear bigger and bigger, allow the emotions to get bigger and bigger.  Let the images get as fearful as possible. Then ask yourself if that is something you really want to create.  Make sure the outcome is horrible enough to make your response a resounding NO!

Then imagine what you would like to create, what you would really like to have in your life. Breath that image in and out until you feel totally immersed in it.

Whenever your fear reemerges repeat the exercise. It works like a charm.

I find it works best if you focus on one fear at a time. Feel  free to share your experiences and questions with me.

With love and aloha,