BrainAbsolutely no one and nothing has the power to effect how you are feeling.

Nothing and none can make you happy or sad, you hold the key to your happiness and to all of your emotional states.

All of your emotions originate with the story you are telling yourself about what is. Life really is emotionally neutral until we make up a story about the event and then believe it!

This is right, this is wrong. Good, evil, left, right, up, down which one is better than the other?

Once you decide “I will feel happy and joyous no mater what” you empower yourself. As I often say happiness is just a thought away so let’s think that thought now.

How do you make yourself miserable? What do you tell yourself so you feel angry or sad or joyous and free? Notice and then decide how you want to feel and tell yourself the appropriate story.

Rather than change out there change what you tell yourself about out there. It is so much easier.

Empower yourself so you can be happy no matter what.

Love to read your comments, your stories and the comment section below.

With love and aloha,