The Toltec tradition is based on the fact that the entire universe is a vast energy system. Energy is always in motion, it is never stagnant, it is either expanding or contracting. Emotions are energy in motion (e-motions). Each emotional state has a different energy vibration and either causes us to expand energetically or contract.

When I speak of love I speak of the energy of unconditional love that is always expansive. Love when it is fear based, which it is a lot of the time, causes us to contract. Fear based love has conditions on it. I will love you as long as you are nice to me or kind or don’t lie or cheat or …. you get the idea. Fear causes us to contract energetically. So basically we have two choices, to expand or contract, to love unconditionally or to be in fear and contract.

When we connect with the essence of who and what we are, our spirit, we become one with that sea of unconditional love, with the energy of creation, with God. Connecting with our spirit causes us to expand energetically.

I was listening to Wayne Dyer talk about Carlos Castaneda and the Tao the other day. It was an interesting contrast. The Tao is all about love and surrender and deepening one’s connection to unconditional love. Love and surrender are not necessarily part of Toltec teachings, but when they are, the possibilities expand unconditionally. You can use the energy, that expansive energy, to create whatever you want or need in an easy, gentle and loving manner.

Fear is so often our constant companion. So many people tell me that they are afraid that they won’t get it, or be able to do it or that they are doing it wrong. That big ‘it’ whatever that is. judgment is always fear based. I have seen people judge themselves for not doing their daily practices everyday instead of loving themselves for doing them at all.

A friend of mine asked me to download the classes Eckart Tolle did with Oprah. I was shocked when I went to YouTube to find them. There were several videos that purported to be Christian denouncing the classes. The classes had about 2-3,000 views while the video telling people not to drink the Kool-aid and warning of Oprah’s new religion had over 7,500,000 views. Fear certainly seems to sell better than love. As a species we seem much more comfortable with fear than with unconditional love.

Our news and papers are filled with stories of violence and disasters yet seldom mention all the wonderful things that happen every day. The major focus of the Toltec tradition is changing the point of creation from our mind to our spirit. All the great teachers spoke of love and how incredibly powerful love coupled with forgiveness is.

Expanding your awareness of how you think and your internal processes is necessary if you want to shift your point of creation, heightening your awareness of your addiction to fear. What a different world this would be if love rather than fear was our companion.

I find asking myself frequently, “How can I see this through the eyes of love?” a useful and very freeing exercise. Pause as you move through your day and consciously relax and fill yourself with love. When you are in traffic or standing in line somewhere practice sending everyone around you love. Play, live and breathe love and imagine yourself changing your point of creation from your mind to your spirit.

With love and aloha,