Or should I say shifting your point of creation so you can regain your ability to create exactly what you want in your reality. You are a limitless being of love and light and laughter.

The brain is an amazing bio-computer. In some cell combinations or synapse your brain has stored every event, every emotion, everything, absolutely everything you have ever experienced. It has limitless storage space and NEVER forgets anything.

Your mind has run a muck

There is a problem, your mind’s operating system has run a muck. Each piece of information has an emotion component attached to the event itself.  Your mind has created what I call a filter system which is composed of beliefs, assumptions, agreements and attitudes. Life is emotional neutral until we tell ourselves a story and your filter system is full of stories!

I don’t want you to assume your mind/filter system is a bad thing, it was developed to keep you safe and make life easier. The problem is the filter system also limits you. ALL of your limitations arise right between your ears.

Your filter system is in control

So how the system works: There is an event, your mind rapidly sorts through your memories and tells you what emotion to have, what choices to make and how to act. You are not free to be fully present in the moment instead you experience the present moment through the smoke screen of your filter system.

Let me rephrase that: You are not free, you are controlled by your past memories, emotions and actions.

Fighting or battling your mind seldom works

Your mind is much like the computer Hal in the movie A Space Odyssey 2001 (Great movie if you haven’t seen it)Your mind patiently tries to stay in control, to keep you safe, limited and often miserable but safe.

I think of the process of releasing my filter system as shifting my point of creation from my mind to my spirit.

4 Steps to help you retrain your mind

Here are a few simple steps that will make retraining your mind, making that shift easier and more effective.

  1. Acknowledge your filter system and understand how it works. Notice when you have an emotional reaction to a person, event or anything for that matter. If your mom made you eat lima beans, even though they may taste good to you today, your filter system may say , “No way am I going to eat them.”
  2. Remember all of your emotions are generated by your filter system. Whenever you have a strong emotional reaction decide if that reaction is serving you. Does it bring you any closer to being in the moment and experiencing unconditional love? If not, change your thoughts and your emotions. Ask yourself questions like: How can I see this through the eyes of love? What would love do?
  3. Listen for the spaces between your thoughts. That is where you can most easily connect to the wisdom and love of your spirit.
  4. Decide that realigning yourself with your spirit really matters and that all the habitual thoughts of your mind are just mindless chatter.

There are lots of exercises you can do to help facilitate the process of releasing your filter system. Some of the exercises can actually make the process of releasing your filter system somewhat enjoyable and fun.

So tune in next week when I share some of the exercises and tools that will help you de-clutter your filter system. As always I love reading your comments and answering your questions. (Yes I am a comment junkie)

With love and aloha,

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