And we may not even consciously know it

enoughLast night I had a hard time sleeping. My mom was killed over 36 years ago in a car accident. As I lay awake I had the realization that her sudden death was still affecting my life.

Once I had that realization I could consciously choose to let that old pain go. I realized I had closed off part of my heart. Opening it again feels so good!

So how did I let go? By asking myself questions.

But what kind of questions do we ask ourselves?

  1. How does it serve me to hold onto this old pain? (the story about what was)
  2. What will it take for me to be willing to change my story? (journaling about this will help)
  3. Am I ready to let it go now?

Simple breathing exercise can set you free!

In the Toltec tradition there is a simple but powerful breathing technique called recapitulation. Originally recapitulation had numerous lists but truthfully in today’s world it would take serval lifetimes to fully recapitulate your current life that way.

The technique itself can help expand your awareness of old beliefs and let them go.

There are two types of breaths, exhalation and inhalation.


I suggest starting with exhalation.  As you exhale you consciously let go, it is much like blowing out a candle. Inhale and then focus again on letting go as you exhale. Do this until you feel a sense of release. (it may take a number of sessions to really let go)


With the breath of inhalation you can inhale love, peace, joy, happiness and/or acceptance. You can exaggerate your inhalation and imagine yourself sucking in on a straw. Exhale and keep breathing in a sense of expansion until you feel full.

I suggestion always finishing with the breath of inhalation.

You can use this technique in many ways. If you find a conversation upsetting, you can even do this while you are talking to someone.

Breathe out judgment, breathe in love.
Breathe our fear, breathe in love.

You know the drill, you can comment in the comment section of my blog or hit reply. Enjoy and if you feel so inclined let me know if this has helped and if you have any questions.

me at arts 2With lots of love, aloha and deep breaths,

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