This morning I received an email from the editor of my recent book on angels. She said they had just gotten advance copies of the book from the printer and I would get mine soon. I still remember the day I held a copy of my first book Dance of Power. I had received a stack of author’s copies and there they sat on my kitchen table. It was a surreal experience to hold a copy of a book with my name as the author.

I flunked English in Grade School and I certainly never expected to be an author. It is amazing what incredible gifts life holds when we get out of our own way! When I began my journey I certainly had no idea that all of my limitations were created by my filter system. When I was first exposed to that concept instead of finding the knowledge freeing I used it to judge my process and myself.

Getting rid of our filter system is very similar to learning a new language. If we use the new vocabulary and the old grammar we probably won’t be understood. I find several things helpful as I release my limiting beliefs. Be gentle and loving with yourself, enjoying the process and remembering to be grateful are very powerful tools and make remembering your limitless nature so much easier and more enjoyable.

Letting go of our filter system can be tricky business. It is so easy to use spiritual concepts in ways that are less than loving. Focusing on being grateful is a wonderful way to assure yourself of using the concepts lovingly. One of my students recently created an e group where people can post five things everyday they are grateful for everyday. I begin each day by setting my intent and writing a list of things that I am grateful about.

All spiritual practices take practice. The more I practice being gentle, loving and feeling grateful the more magical my life becomes. Whatever we focus our attention on we get more of and gratitude, love and gentleness certainly add to the quality of my life while anger and fear detract. What is it you would like to have more of in your life?