I absolutely love doing ceremonies. When I lived on Oahu I would often have ceremonies on the beach with huge bonfires. At the Winter Solstice I would invite people to bring their old journals and two letters to throw into the fire.

I would have them write on letter with things they wanted to release and another with what they want to create in the coming year. I loved watching as the fire consumed their writings and transformed them into light.

Watching the faces around the circle, so filled with love and limitless possibilities was an incredible gift. I remember one year watching a woman’s letter being snatched up by the fire, thrown in the air and the deposited back on the beach unharmed.

This year, thanks to new technology I am able to invite all of you to participate in my Solstice Ceremony, no matter where you live! I think of the Winter Solstice as the beginning of the new year. It is a time to let go of whatever isn’t working in my life and set my intent for the coming year. It is a symbolic day with great meaning in many indigenous cultures.

I’d like to invite you to a very powerful ceremony this Sunday, December 21st at 8:30 PM, EST.

For those of us who live in the northern hemisphere it is the
shortest day of the year and it also signifies the returning of the light, the sun begins its return and the days lengthen. Please join me as we celebrate this time of new beginnings and pave the way for a life full of magic and miracles.

As my gift to you this holyday season, for all of your love and support over the years I have decided to open up this, regularly members-only ceremony to anyone who would like to attend.

The ceremony takes place in only 2 days, so if you would like to attend, just follow the link below on Sunday at 8:30 PM, EST:

Click here to join the ceremony (You will also be able to go to this link and listen to a recording of the ceremony afterwards)

Finally, I have a question for you… if you could have a private conversation with me, what two questions would you would like to ask me?

Send your questions to me at susan@susangregg.com

With love and aloha,